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Please find below some research advice to aid you with collecting and evaluating virtual research.


The Toronto Public Library has put together a list of strategies high school students can implement in order to be successful and practice online research skills. This resource provides students with tips on how to develop search terms, explore multiple types of resources, and how to evaluate sources.  

Western University has developed a short video describing the importance of creating a strong research question to guide your research.


Brock University provides a guide for evaluating information sources. The guide includes strategies for understanding the purpose of the research and the intended audience as well as recognizing objectivity or bias when evaluating a resource.


Purdue Writing Lab, Purdue University has developed a practical tool to help users understand where to begin in their research journey, the types of sources to look for, and how to properly reference and cite resources to avoid plagiarism.

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Literacy Ideas for Teachers and Students, has developed a list of effective online research strategies. This resource will help students to understand the use of search engines, how to ensure you are selecting credible sources, and planning strategies when working in groups or teams of people.

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Edutopia has created a list of strategies to help middle and high school students recognize relevance, accuracy, bias, and reliability in the sources and content they are evaluating.

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